The Advantages Of Solid Oak TV Stands and Cabinets

Choosing your next TV stand can be a difficult task due to the wide array of different types of stands currently available in the marketplace. In this short article, we are going to briefly talk about some of the advantages of solid oak TV stands and cabinets and compare them to stands and cabinets made from glass, wood veneer and metal.

Oak TV Stand Vs Glass
Glass stands are very popular at the moment, as they can give a room a very modern, minimalist look. In addition, tempered glass is very strong, meaning that glass stands can be used to support very large, heavy televisions. One of the main disadvantages of glass stands, however, is that the cables are often visible and glass surfaces can be a chore to keep dust and smear free. In constant, high-quality oak stands come with a solid back and well designed cable management sections, so there are no unsightly wires on show. What’s more, oak is more forgiving to dust and smears.

Oak Vs Wood Veneer
Wood veneer stands have the advantage of being cheaper than oak stands and they can also be flat packed for easy transportation, but that is about where the advantages end. Solid oak stands can support very large TVs, unlike many wood veneer stands, which are notorious for instability. In addition, solid oak furniture is not afflicted with the cracking and pealing that regularly affects wood veneer furniture. A good quality solid oak piece can last several decades, whereas many people are lucky to get two years out of flat-packed wood veneer furniture.

Oak Vs Metal
The advantages of metal TV stands is that they are incredibly durable (almost indestructible) and they require no maintenance. However, solid metal stands are often prohibitively expensive and they can be very heavy to transport. In addition, some people feel that metal furniture has a very industrial look. Solid oak stands may not be quite as durable as metal stands, but they are definitely a close second and they are much more affordable.

As you can see, solid oak TV stands have many advantages over stands made from other types of material. Many people wrong believe that oak furniture can only ever have a rustic and vintage appearance, but the reality is that you can purchase oak items in many different styles, including contemporary and sleek. That said, choosing a new TV stand is a very personal decision. A stand designs that appeals to one person may be hated by another. In many cases, the preexisting decor in a room is the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a new piece of furniture.

Hopefully this article has convinced you about some of the benefits of solid oak TV stands and cabinets. Keep in mind that many wooden stand retailers also stock optional matching furniture items, such as coffee tables, sideboards, shelves and cabinets. So, if having all of the furniture in a room matching is something that is important to you, a wooden TV stand may be the ideal item for your home.

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