Cut Wood Without Table SawHow to prevent a tear out on a table saw during home construction

It can happen to any wood worker. You are cutting a precious wood for an important project and before you realize what’s going on, there is a tear out in your wood. Now, your precious wood is no good to you. How can you prevent a tear out on a table saw? Here are some answers.

Always sharp blades

Make sure that every time you are using your table saw, that the blades are very sharp. If you are working with a blunt blade, you can be guarantee that you will have a few tear outs on your wood. It is always better to have a spare set of blades, right at hand if you need a new blade. The sharper the blade, the more and cleaner cut you will have.

Using a backing board while cutting

With a backing board as support while you are cutting your wood, will help not to have a tear out in your woodwork. It is advisable to always use a backing board underneath your wood to prevent any tear outs. The backing boards don’t have to be an expensive piece of wood. Any cheap version will be good enough for the purpose of a backing board.

Having clean blades

You must always have a clean table saw. You must clean everything on your table saw after using it. Even the blades of the table saw. If you have filthy blades, you will have a bigger change in having a tear out in your wood. There will be small wood dust in the blades after using the table saw and leaving it between the blades can cause problems.

The cutter design

The design of the cutter is also playing a big part in a tear out on a table saw. You can’t just take any cutter to cut your wood. Certain cutters are made for different types of wood. If you are going to use the wrong cutter for precious wood, you will result in a tear out in your wood work. Then the wood means nothing to you. You can’t use the wood if there is tear outs in it.

The alignment of the blade and the fence

To prevent any tear outs, there is something else that is important to remember. Lots of people forget to check if the blade and the fence is in an alignment. If they are not, you will have tear outs. This is something to check regularly if you are cutting wood and want to be free of any tear outs.

Cut Wood Without Table Saw

A tear out is when you are cutting wood and a tear happens in your wood. It can happen especially at the end of the wood. And if you are getting a tear out, your wood is worth nothing. It is better to try to prevent a tear out rather than throwing a good piece of wood away. It is not hard to prevent a tear out, and just by doing a few adjustments, you can limit your chance in getting a tear out.

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